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Deep Cleansing & Facial: Products used in Amore Skincare are all natural, rich in antioxidants and mixed for your skin type. This is an outstanding facial to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, then massaged with chamomile and vitamins. A vitamin rich mask is applied. Finally, the face is massaged, leaving the skin hydrated, firm, and revitalized.
...................$45 per 1hr session

Microdermabrasion with Beauty Treatment
:  Designed to remove imperfections without the use of harsh chemicals, this treatment is effective and with quick results. Fine lines and wrinkles, scars, sun-damaged skin, pock marks and enlarged pores are greatly reduced and erased after microdermabrasion.  Crystals are used to deeply exfoliate several of the top layers of skin where age damaged skin builds up over the years.  Next a fine serum of vitamins is applied and allowed to penetrate. Finally, a facial massage with essential oils and antioxidants is provided.  The skin's elasticity and clarity is also improved.  This treatment is ideally offered in a series for maximum effectiveness.
...................$120 per 2hr 30min session / $550 for 5 sessions

Microdermabrasion with Basic Facial
:  Deep exfoliation to rejuvenate, smooth out and treat damaged skin and a facial to cleanse and hydrate the face.
...................$60 per 1hr 20min session

Beauty Treatment with Collagen, Modeling, or Hydrating Mask
: This treatment begins with facial cleansing and exfoliation.  Next your face is treated to a highly concentrated flow of oxygen.  Then your face is massaged with serums selected for your skin type.  A mask is then applied.  Your skin will feel cool as the mask takes form, hydrating and rejuvenating the skin.  This unique treatment will leave the skin glowing.
...................$65 per 1hr 40min session

Green Peel Treatment
Herbal Peeling Treatment
Vitaliont Treatment
Oxygen Treatment
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Make Up & Facial Waxing
Masks: Vitamin, Collagen, Energy,
Mineral, Enzyme, Modeling

Hae Su DePaula
Licensed Esthetician

105 Bermuda Way
Niceville, FL 32578

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